My life: Chaos Theory and Schrödinger’s Cat

I was in a philosophical conversation with a friend. ‘Life is like the Schrödinger’s Cat experiment’, I said. Till you don’t go through it you never know what it’s like (till you don’t open the box, you won’t know if the cat is alive or dead). You can get into hypothetical conversations about the future of relationships, but till you don’t get into one, you won’t know what it will give, or fail to deliver. You can try and imagine a life with someone, but till you don’t live it, that’s all it is – imagination.

In class 5, Mrs. Sequiera, my class teacher had told me that I was pessimistic. She had noticed that my watch was missing. I said I must’ve lost it in the sports room. ‘Go back and search for it’, she thundered. ‘Someone must’ve taken taken it by now’, I squealed – you daren’t reply back to Mrs. Sequiera. ‘You’re such a pessimist,” she exclaimed.

Being pessimistic hasIMG_0015_gimp_a helped me in life – especially in managing relationships. If you don’t expect, expectations are never missed, and relationships and people who exceed expectations are always a delight to have in life. I didn’t expect too much out of a lot of my relationships. I got me to appreciate even the little things people did for me. Things people take for granted these days in relationships … Like honesty and truth 🙂

Let me tell you, neither are easy, nor nice. Well, I am wrong. They can be easy and it can be nice, but like Schrödinger’s Cat you’ll never know till you don’t try 🙂

So, will you be honest and truthful, and possibly risk being the bad one, or slip by with a little white lie, and be the nice one. Now, remember the Chaos Theory ( also the Butterfly Effect, or the more interesting Mosquito’s Choice, Maybe you’d like Newton’s 3rd law of Motion – a very modified version of it). Whatever you do, impacts the future. Whether you lie or don’t. Whether you are truthful or not. Each of your choices effects the relationship – Caveat Emptor. Be careful while opening the box. Once you open it, you can’t undo the opening. Be careful, you don’t open Pandora’s Box.

I think Forrest Gump’s mum got it right … Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

P.S. Did I write this to impress someone … or not? Did I write this to prove a point … or not? Is this a figment of my imagination … or did I really have the conversation? Schrödinger’s Cat – you won’t know till you open the box. Chaos theory – once you find out, you can’t un-find it – whether you like what you find, or not – especially if you don’t like what you find out. 😉

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Of friends, trust and memories again

It started about 3 weeks ago.

An old friend, Aneesh, updated his Facebook status, telling the whole world that he is in Pune. I was not sure if he’d want to meet me. Would he wouldn’t he? I argued that he’d excuse his way out if he didn’t want to. So I threw caution to the wind 😉 and reached out to him. He agreed – surprise of surprises. We planned to meet for dinner on Saturday. I estimated that we’d meet for no more than 2 hours – It’ll be a meet-greet-and-eat meet. Aneesh and I ended up spending 4 hours together, sharing stories, recalling school days, teachers, scraps, crushes et all. I was ashamed of what I had thought of earlier of what the evening would be like. Was I becoming a pessimist?

A couple of days later, I got a call from a friend, asking for professional advice about her career. I was surprised. While many reach out to me asking what they need to do to get into facilitation, this was serious talk. When did I become a career guide, I ended up asking myself. How much trust do people have in me?

The question popped up again, when another friend called up for some life advice. Who me? When did I become Dr Phil? I did my best to be honest. Such trust in my advice was scary. Why was I being elevated to such a status? I reasoned the root of these conversations were the trust these people had in me. What else would explain them sharing personal things, challenges that they were facing. I am humbled.

I was scheduled to facilitate in Delhi 2 weeks ago. I was looking forward to the trip. I would be seeing my daughter after 5 months. I missed her. Little did I know that this trip would be far more memorable than I expected it to be. I met old friends, who forgave my errors in the blink of an eye. Why do friends do that? Why do they love you inspite of all your shortcomings? Rashmi, Madhu and Tarun – Thank you very much for 2 lovely memorable evenings.

Visiting relatives was just as enjoyable. It was lovely to see them once again. Lunch and dinner with relatives were never warmer and tastier than they were on this trip to Delhi.

Ofcourse, meeting Aanya was lovely. I was amazed at the way she spoke in Hindi, belying my fear of the challenges she would face in picking up the language. ‘Aao didi. Aap humarey saath khelo. Hum aapko khilayengey’ just blew my mind. Where did my baby learn to talk like that in Hindi? I was so proud.

I saw a trailer last week about the strongest thing known to man – the human spirit. So to all, in this last week of the year – don’t give up on people. Do your best to be good human beings, the rest will fall into place.

I’d like to consider myself an optimist … Optimist that the year ahead holds a lot of good for all … Lots of friends and lots of good memories.

Happy New Year everyone.

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A great 15 days at work … 13 days in F

A great 15 days at work … 13 days in Face-to-Face classes, 2 Virtual classes … a Certification … and people asking me to do sessions for their teams … Satisfied … 🙂

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100 Things To Do In An Elevator – The Chris Voss Show

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How to Tell If Your Knives Are Sharp Enough

How to Tell If Your Knives Are Sharp Enough

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Outlook vs. Gmail: A Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Outlook vs. Gmail: A Feature-by-Feature Comparison

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Not my fault, Ass fixation

Being at my gentlemanly best, I let her walk in front of me. Suddenly, she turns around and tells me to walk in front of her. ‘I don’t want you checking me out, while I walk.’ Flabbergasted, I obliged. Later, I am told, that her paranoia is out of the fact that she herself had an ass fixation. In simple terms she checks out my ass and others, out of habit, but I can’t check out her’s. Hmmm.

A week later, I was on my way to Calcutta (I can’t call it Kolkata, no matter how hard I try). Standing in line to board the plane, I found myself following a rather shapely lady. In order to get through quickly, I usually turn up the security stamp. Out of habit, I bent down. On my way up, I see her bottom, and immediately think back to the Ass-fixation episode, and smile. Only to look up and see the lady looking back at me. She had caught me, in her opinion, staring at her ass and smiling. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. Thank God for small mercies.

But it was not my fault.
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