Why is Anna Hazare fasting?

Independence and dependence co-exist.

Let’s take India’s Independence. We wanted to gain independence from ‘foreign’ rule, only to realize now, 64 years, later that we do not like the people we have chosen into power. So Anna Hazare is fighting what he calls the Second Freedom Struggle.

64 years ago India and Pakistan fought and gained independence, but are now dependent on the support of significant others for their sovereignty to be maintained and upheld.

Our county’s security was in the hands of the British soldiers, but now is in the hands of Indian soldiers – a transfer of dependence from one set of troops to another. Today when ‘our troops’ ask of us to maintain law and order, we fight against them hurtling stones and petrol bombs, claiming they are puppets in the hands of idiots or bigots, who we must remember we elected to power.

We were upset with the British not understanding us as a culturally diverse country, then we go and cut it up exactly on those lines, and now that decision comes to bite us in the backside, with new denominations feeling the need to establish their identity. Hence, the need for newer, smaller fragmented states every other day – take a look at Uttaranchal Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh- next in line?

So here is something for us to contemplate …

What is our understanding of the issues the Lokpal bill and the Jan Lokpal bill? The mass movement and mass hysteria around this bill begs the question – how much do the people supporting the revolution really understand what is being asked for.

The Executive, Judiciary and the Legislative were separated by those who were responsible for our ‘freedom’, for the purpose of not letting one bigot taking over the country, ala Hitler, Gen Zia and many others. In our brilliant reasoning around fighting corruption we are insisting on leading the country down that path. I would like to see the faces of those ‘fighting for our second Independence’, when a Narendra Modi, a Lalu Prasad Yadav, a Mayawati or a Mamta Bannerji becomes the head of the Lokpal. Better still wait till a Karunanidhi or a Thackeray takes that seat.

Power corrupts … Absolute power corrupts absolutely …

Leaders of such mass movements run away from taking the responsibility of leading the nation. Let such leaders get into the parliament and fight their battles, which they will not, because they can’t. Not because they don’t want to, but because they understand ‘Power corrupts … Absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

With freedom comes responsibilities. The reason we are asked to elect our representatives annually, is because we cannot run the country, apart from running our households. It’s not a part-time job. It requires focus and commitment, not upstart, knee-jerk reactions. How involved do you and I want to be … Here is a static for all … In the 2009 elections 57% voters turned up to caste their franchise. You and I are responsible for those in power, you and I are responsible for the corruption around, will you and I be responsible for making this country a banana republic, where every other day, someone will sit on a fast to fight for policies against use of nuclear power, fighting for cause of establishing a national business language – make your choice Hindi or Marathi, or for establishing a ‘national’ religion …

Independence and dependence co-exist. This country depends on you to keep it independent. How are you contributing?

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