Thinking of oldage and friends

A couple of days ago, we visited some friends. Well, I can’t really call them friends since they are more my parents age. Anyways here is what got me thinking …

The conversations were fairly inclusive (by that I mean that I could make sense and participate). Then a thought struck me. When I am as old as my parents … would I have friends that I would be visiting like this? “Surely” you would say.

Let me as they say give you “the lay of the land”. The people we met were “friends” of my Aunt, and they knew her from a fairly young age (we are talking the 50s and 60s here – so that is friendship 50 years in the making … whew). My Mum went to meet them since she was sending my Aunt some pictures that she had of a trip they had made together last year. “So what’s the problem?” – you’d say. Here goes …

The first challenge is the logevity of our relationships – outside relatives and marriage. The one friend I still am in touch with (infrequently though) I met in 1980. I haven’t met him in person for 5 years now. The oldest friend (in terms of the relationship – not age) I have met in recent times, I met for the first time in 1988 / 89. Will we go around town connecting with each other – I wonder. When did you meet your oldest friend?

Challenge #2 – What droive my mother to meet these friends was the fact that she wanted to send her sister some photographs. With us being connected through Social networks ala Facebook, Twitter, etc., would I ever make the effort of getting out of the comfort of my home to visit this “friend” in town. Even today, most of the pictures I share are done threough Facebook and other networking sites.

Challenge #3 – And you might call me mad for listing this – What would we talk about. My mother and her friends knew a number of people between them and the conversation flitted about these people and when we last heard of or from them and how they knew these people. My last social outing, to put my social life in context, was when I visited Bangalore 2 months ago. The past 2 months I have connected with people mostly through chats. 

Every once in a while I tell myself that I will re-establish my connects with people. That is soon followed by an arguement that easliy puts off any enthusiasm I have of connecting with people – Why go throught such effort? What am I going to get out of it? You’ll get the answer if you think of oldage and friends …

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