Sad state of affairs but true. How can I make a difference … Suggestions are welcome.

Woes of the burping butterfly

I love my India where you will never see a sex scene on TV, where you won’t even hear the word “Naked” because the censor board will ensure that such sin never rears its ugly head, where I’m taught sex is evil. Imagine my confusion when a mob of men are allowed to openly molest a young girl while another videotapes the whole incident. Where are the cops? Busy shutting down bars and nightclubs and harassing innocent people by labeling them prostitutes of course. No wonder you cops “can’t be omnipresent”. I’m told it’s better to dress a certain way lest I accidentally end up seducing a man, that it’s better to shut up than fight, that it’s better to run and hide. Cinderella got a prince when she didn’t make it home on time, I’ll probably end up getting raped on National TV. I often wonder what these men would…

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